Polar Clamps Tool Kit

The tool kit is designed for installing Pioneer clamps.

Easy to use:
The clamp is mounted with only one bolt with the air driven nut wrench.
The nut wrench can be set to a fixed torque.

1 ea ½” Ingersoll Rand 100P4 Nut Wrench; Torque area 100-145 Nm.
1 ea ½” Ingersoll Rand 130P4 Nut Wrench; Torque area 140-220 Nm.
0,5l Oil for the Nut Wrenches.
400ml Molykote 1000S lubricant for the clamps.
2 ea ½” drive socket 6 point.
24mm for M16 center bolt / 30mm for M20 center bolt
3 ea safety slings with carbine hooks.

The tools are delivered in an aluminum box.

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