Standard Pioneer clamps for umbilical – tubular applications

The clamps are used in open water to clamp umbilicals to tubulars; steel pipes, drill pipes, casing.

The Pioneer Clamps can be delivered for almost any dimensions. Other dimensions than the range below on request.

When ordering clamps both umbilical dimension and steel tube dimension should be verified.

Please notice:
The clamps are designed with a dimension-range on the umbilical side. The tubular side of the clamp is a fixed dimension. Polar Clamps can modify the tubular side dimension to meet customers’ requirements

Easy to use:
The clamp is mounted with one grip and only one bolt.
There are no loose parts.

Made of NiAlBr alloy which is used in ship propellers.
Fasteners made of stainless steel.
Nitril rubber inside to secure the umbilical.



Easy to maintain
All parts are made of corrosion resistant materials and do not need any surface treatment.

Product No (Umbilical dim_wire dim)

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